The conference will cover the following topics.
There are priority topics divided into three subject areas and additional cross section topics.

Each topic page offers a discussion forum!


a) Priority topics

Consumption in a sustainable society (Link)

  • Degrowth and sufficiency
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility (everyday life, leisure and holidays)
  • Clothing
  • Living
  • Sustainable lifestyle concepts

Production in a sustainable economy (Link)

  • Food (agriculture, production, distribution/logistics, …)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Buildings and movables
  • Ecodesign – ecological product design

Resilient cities and their infrastructures as pioneers of change (Link)

  • City Logistics
  • Energy supply
  • Urban circular economy
  • Greening the Cities
  • Governance


b) Cross sectional topics (Link)

  • Participation, cooperation and steering processes
  • Business and financing models
  • Awareness raising, further education and Citizens Science
  • Share & use instead of owning (Sharing Economy)
  • Digitization / Information and communication technologies
  • Zero waste technologies and systems
  • Systematic and systemic innovation
  • Education (all levels from kids to politicians)