Cross sectional topics

Cross sectional topics

“Cleaner Consumption and Production” is not a scientific discipline in the strict sense, and it covers several Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. It is embedded in the shift from a use-waste economic system to a circular economy.

Considering the holistic approach, we as well have to discuss aspects like participation, cooperation and steering processes, business and financing models, awareness raising, further education and citizens science, sharing economies, digitization, information and communication technologies and systematic and systemic innovation. There will be a focus on education (all levels from kids to politicians). Leasing and sharing in the production phase too, while consuming will play an increasing role in a circular economy.

This section contains with the following single topics:

  • Participation, cooperation and steering processes
  • Business and financing models
  • Awareness raising, further education and Citizens Science
  • Share & use instead of owning (Sharing Economy)
  • Digitization / Information and communication technologies
  • Zero waste technologies and systems
  • Systematic and systemic innovation
  • Education (all levels from kids to politicians)
Cross sectional topics

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