Apply for thematic sessions and side events

You can apply for thematic sessions and side events.

Submission closed

Download “thematic session application” form:

The organizers of erscp21 invite interested people to organize sessions at the roundtable. Session managers will be provided with all necessary infrastructure at conference site. erscp21 will allocate a time slot and a room with the required infrastructure and publish the session on the website with the possibility to register. Name and logo of the session manager and/or his/her affiliation will be published on the erscp21 website.

Session managers will be responsible for the course of the event, introductory speakers and will invite participants. Session managers will get free participation for the whole roundtable and will be invited to the Governor’s Reception.


Download “side events application” form:

Side events are events within the environment of erscp21, which are organized by other organizations or persons. Such events can be project meetings, dissemination events, or workshops from projects that want to use the erscp21 environment. erscp21 provides the infrastructure and announces the event on the conference homepage if desired. Side events can be scheduled already on Sept 7, 2021.

Participants will be expected to take part also at erscp21, and to pay the required fee.