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European Roundtable Sustainable Consumption and Production

Graz Graz Graz
Graz The plus 1,5°C world Topics, cross cutting issues
With the 20th Roundtable, the conference returns home to its birthplace. In 1994, the 1st Roundtable was held in Graz with the support of the City of Graz and the Ministries of Innovation & Technology and Environment, and already had 300 visitors. In the meantime, numerous countries have hosted the other 18 events The objective of reducing global warming to 1.5°C requires us to reduce not only the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our direct activities, but also those already emitted by our consumption - as it were, in the products - outside our usual consideration limits. This "emissions backpack" contained in the products is almost as large as the direct emissions. Cities and their infrastructure
Cities and their surroundings
Production and Manufacturing
Products and Services
Buildings, Houses
Food, Nutrition
Conferences and Meetings
Crosscutting issues
Jobs and Work
Education and Training
Circular Economy
Energy and Materials
Information and Communication



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